Have a Great Time with New OPI Gel Colors

Gel polish is the most popular manicure women like to have. It has its advantages aplenty. While being the most effortless procedure to apply, gel polish lasts comfortably long if you follow the correct approach. Besides, gel polish is available in an exciting range of colors. One of the best nail polish brands offering high-quality gel colors is OPI. The new OPI gel colors include the OPI Spring Xbox Gel Collection with twelve exotic colors that can last beautifully for the entire year.

Let us discuss some of the best OPI gel nails polish available on the market, including its latest offering, the OPI Spring Xbox Gel Collection.

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

OPI Spring Xbox Gel Color Collection

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

This latest gel polish color collection from OPI comprises twelve exciting colors ranging from the lightest of pinks to the gorgeous red. The advantage of having this collection is that you can have 12 different shades of OPI colors for the year. In addition, while each color is available individually, it is advantageous to purchase the entire set because you get it at a discounted rate.

This collection comprises an exciting range of colors, with the brand collection number ranging from D50 to D61.

Another benefit of purchasing the latest collection is wearing your favorite color, depending on your outfit, season, and occasion.

Chocolate Moose – C89

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

People who love dark brown or chocolate colors can conveniently order the OPI C89 Chocolate Moose color from our web store. This beautiful dark shade is perfect for the autumn and winter months. The bright hues match perfectly with your winter garments. Besides being easy to apply, this shade conveniently hides imperfections like chipped nails while lasting up to three weeks.

Machu Peach – P36

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

The advantage of the Machu Peach shade is that it acts as the perfect nude background to suit all skin tones from the fair-skinned to the tanned. In addition, this color provides the most natural look because it blends beautifully with the natural nail. Thus, the nail’s natural growth does not affect your OPI gel nail manicure. No wonder the peach shade is a universal favorite of women of all ages.

OPI Blue Colors

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

OPI offers an extensive range of blue colors ranging from the lightest of hues like the Sky Blue to the darkest shade, Navy Blue. You can pick your favorite shade depending on your preferences. The light blue shades are perfect for the spring and the summer seasons. As the leaves start to fall and the air gets chilly, you can graduate to the darker hues. This exciting range of new OPI gel colors is available at reasonable prices on our web store. Besides, you get attractive gift hampers on selective purchases subject to the fulfillment of specific conditions.

 OPI Violets

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

Violet is one of the most beautiful shades to have in the spring season because it matches the colors of blooming flowers in your garden. Hence, you feel closer to Nature. OPI offers various violet shades ranging from light purple to deep violets. Thus, you can choose the best shade, depending on your skin tone. When selecting the violet hues, it is better to go for a glossy finish because they look great when light reflects from the nails. To ensure this, you must apply multiple coats of the topcoat. However, you must remember to cure each topcoat layer under the UV lamp before proceeding further.

 OPI Greens

New OPI Gel Colors 2022

After the red shades, the OPI greens are available in maximum color combinations. Green is a heavenly color because it suits Nature perfectly. Hence, you can wear the greens prominently in the spring season. The lighter hues of green look awesome when combined with deep yellow OPI gel nails. The darker shades of green combine beautifully with the pinks and reds to give a beautiful ombre look to your nails. Every woman should have a couple of OPI green shades in their closet. Alternatively, you can purchase the new OPI gel colors OPI Spring Xbox gel color collection. It has the D56 green shade, one of the best green color offerings from OPI.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed various OPI colors, including the latest offering. When it comes to variety, OPI ranks as the best because of its extensive range of color combinations. These colors are fast and remain glossy for the entire three to four weeks that you have the gel polish manicure. In addition, OPI offers different colors for different seasons. The darker hues are ideal for the fall and winter months, whereas the spring and the summer see people opting for lighter shades. It is an excellent feeling to have OPI gel colors on your nails because they enhance your beauty to the next level and makes you look attractive and confident.