A few cool tips on how to care for your nails during summer

A few cool tips on how to care for your nails during summer
Summer simply means sandals season and sandals means uncovered toes. Nail expert Deyzel Ronel gives some cool tips on how to care for your nails during summer.

A few cool tips on how to care for your nails during summer

1. During summer, feet and hands regularly turn a shade darker and this is because women fail to apply sunscreen to them. In the event that you have tanned hands, help them by absorbing them a little tub of warm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Keep your hands drenched in the water for a few minutes and dry them up afterward. You’ll start seeing your tan make its way back.

2. To prevent nails getting to be stained by solid nail varnish shades, dependably apply a OPI gel nail polish…always! You’ll also notice that your polish will last more than a week.

3. Seek the advice of a nail expert before venturing into nail files. It has always been the thumb rule that the higher grids, the even more finely the nails will get buffed. Lower grid nail filers are utilized when buffing fake nails.

4. Continuously clean your nail instruments after every use. Sterilize them with disinfectants and always have those handy.

5. Treat yourself to sporadic hand spa medicines. Just as facials are to the face, it is also essential to take care of your hands. The procedure ought to incorporate plenty moisturizers, mask and the application of an exfoliating scrub.

6. Are you always using a computer keyboard? If this is true, you should try using light colored polishes so whenever the nails start chipping, they won’t look awful. won’t look awful. Saturate your nails at regular intervals so they don’t break because of steady weight on the keyboards.

7. Are you using acrylic (artificial) nails? Try not to peel them off by yourself. Not only will this cause your nails to dry up and brittle, you would have created the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and infections. Likewise, in the event that you wear LDS powder color nails or sns nail dipping system, do not use acetone-based removers on them, as it will cause the nails to peel off. There are specific polish removers for these sorts of nails.

8. To quickly reinforce and soften nails, pour a few tablespoons of sweet almond oil into a smaller bowl, put it in a bigger bowl of hot water and as soon the oil is warm, put your nails in it and allow it soak for a few minutes. When you’re done, wipe your nails clean.

9. When choosing whether you need your nails to be square-formed or rounded, don’t be influenced by the current trends; let a nail expert recommend what is best for you. Typically, we do not recommend rounded nails because they easily break.

10. Do not acetone-based removers but look for ones that contain lanolin. This is because acetone-based removers can dry up your nails and the skin around it.

11. On the off chance that you discover edges framing on your nails, it’s a great opportunity to sit up and pay attention to your nails. You might experience the ill effects of an intense insufficiency of vitamin D and calcium. Include strawberries, blueberries and carrot juice to your diet because they help keep your cuticles from drying up. Massaging the nails with almond or olive oil or use SNS for nails can also make a difference.