Why Is It Said That SNS Dip Powder Is the Best Solution?

Of all the current nail methods, the most typical methods to mention are the powdered manicure method, the dipping powder manicure method, the gel nail polish method, the gel application, etc. Each method has its own advantages, many years ago, applying powder and gel manicure methods were considered the two most popular types of nail art!

Why Is It Said That SNS Dip Powder Is the Best Solution

Not only because they can help the nails last longer, but the process and manipulations of these methods are very attractive. But if you don’t know, the powdered manicure method has many limitations and bad effects on your health if used for a long time.

Therefore, dipping powder was born to replace it. In this article, we talk about the SNS dip powder kit – a great product line in nail art. Take a look first to understand why the powder needs to be replaced by other methods and products such as: SNS powder kit!

Why Do the Powdered Nails Need to Be Replaced?

Nail beauty is the need of many women. However, it can have serious health effects if left unattended.

Nail art making is a huge beauty trend in recent years. To have beautiful nails and feet will have to use a lot of bonding chemicals and an indispensable ingredient in the process of making powdered nails is sulfur – a chemical that can be toxic to both your health and nails.

Sulfur is a compound, a chemical element used for drying, that is notoriously toxic in the periodic table of elements. With the nail industry, sulfur is used a lot and is essential in nail art. Sulfur, in the nail industry can be powder or liquid. Sulfur is light purple in color with volatile properties and has a pungent, unpleasant odor.

In fact, if sulfur is used in small or moderate amounts, it will not be toxic to the body. However, using sulfur in nail art with a large concentration, much will be harmful to the skin, nails and respiratory tract due to inhalation of this compound. Therefore, you should not abuse sulfur when doing nails. Sulfur plays an important role in making nails easier, more beautiful, more durable, and more durable.

Specifically, sulfur is used to make dough, making it more flexible and less mushy. Therefore, sulfur is increasingly used in manicures. Sulfur is mainly used for nail designs with rhinestones, textures, and flower powder to help make nails more beautiful than nails that do not use sulfur.

Therefore, after the gel polish is finished and dried, the paint will use sulfur to create a shape for the powdered nail, apply powdered flowers to the nail. In addition, sulfur helps the stones to be bonded and adhered to the nail polish layer, limiting peeling and falling of stones.

Some Tips for You to Avoid Sulfur Poisoning

Only use a sufficient amount of sulfur when doing nails, using too much will adversely affect your health, especially your skin and respiratory system. To avoid and at least minimize the amount of sulfur inhaled when preparing, you should wear an antibacterial mask. Do not eat or drink anything while doing your nails to avoid toxic gases entering the body.

Limit continuous manicure with powder to avoid inhaling sulfur. Avoid letting sulfur get on your hands, the best way to prepare is to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Pregnant and lactating women absolutely do not come into direct contact with sulfur.

Why Is It Said That SNS Dip Powder Is the Best Solution?

SNS is a brand that any beautician knows, especially nail salon owners, you can easily see jars of nail powder and nail polish bottles at any big or small nail salon in the USA and some other countries. SNS is a pioneer in researching, manufacturing and supplying nail dip powder. “SNS” is an abbreviation of the phrase “Signature Nail Systems”.

We affirm that no matter how fastidious customers are, they will fall in love with SNS powder kit because it really brings beautiful results to your nails, when you do the dipping operations (dipping nails lightly into the dip powder jars), you will feel extremely comfortable and relaxed with the ultra-fine and soft powder and this powder does not irritate the skin so you can do it comfortably.

The dipping powder layers when coated on the nails are very even and do not feel heavy, especially, this dip powder does not have a strong and bad smell, so you can be completely assured, you will not encounter unpleasant chemical odors throughout the dipping powder manicure process and above all, the layers of powder will very quickly dry in the air, then bond together to create even and smooth nail surfaces.

SNS powder kit is extremely convenient and suitable for girls who love doing nails at home, because each kit has random, trendy, youthful and luxurious colors, you don’t have to worry about missing the ideas for nail designs!

Final Thought

One more useful information for you to be happier when using SNS products, it is a famous brand in the nail industry from many years ago until now, SNS’s products are always appreciated, besides that, SNS dip colors is in the top 3 of the largest specialized nail brands in the US.