How to Pick Gelixir Polish Colors According to Outfit

Nail polish has become an important part of the attire. No matter what you are wearing and where you are going, nail polish has become compulsory. That said, it’s not very simple to choose one type of polish and apply it.

How to Pick Gelixir Polish Colors According to Outfit

It’s not easy to apply it on nails, but the process of choosing one of the gelixir polish colors is also quite a challenge. You have to be very creative and do some experiments to check if it will work. It’s not that anyone is going to point out that you wore the wrong color, but every girl wants to look her best.

You can only look best if you always get the perfect match or contrast that adds to your attire and personality. It can be confusing, but it’s not impossible. This article discussed a few tips for choosing the gelixir polish color that would go with your outfit.

Choose a Gelixir Paint Color That Matches Your Outfit

Match it with Accessories

Instead of trying to match the color of nail polish with your clothes, you should match it with your accessories. Remember that accessories are also a part of your outfit. Clothes may be most apparent, but every little thing makes a difference.

This is why we spend so much time picking out the shoes, rings, and other jewelry. Likewise, you can also add a purse to your attire. You can get a nail polish color that is exactly the same as your accessories after reading gelixir reviews to ensure you get the best quality product. The exact color would easily sit with the outfit. You won’t have to do the contrast and test if it will work. It will match and it won’t look like you are overdoing it.

Nude Nail Polish Would Go Any Outfit

God bless the man that invented gelixir polish colors in the nude. They are best for every occasion because they always look so good. If you are not sure what to wear, you can simply wear a nude color. You can get this to work with every outfit.

It’s a simple color that catches attention. It just blends in with every color and the outfit you are wearing. This is supposed to be simple and minimalist. Most women would wear this for an elegant look. You can also use it with the exact same color dress and still flaunt it. You just have to make sure that you apply it right. This also naturally fits with most skin colors.

Avoid Colorful Art with Printed Clothes

You should always think if you are going to be wearing plain or printed clothes. In addition to colors, the print of the outfit makes a great difference. You should consider the nail polish design and its color according to your clothes.

It can be a little more difficult to pick one of the gelixir polish colors when you are wearing a printed shirt. It doesn’t have to be fully printed. If the majority is printed, you should call it printed clothes and make the next decision accordingly. One thing you should not forget is to avoid colorful nail art when you are going with printed attire. You should pick one color tone that matches the clothes instead of going in contrast with it.

Black If You are Bold

Black nail polish goes with every outfit. It is rare so people think that it must be very difficult to match. In fact, it’s a very simple color that would add to the attire of any color and design. However, it requires guts to wear this color.

While it might match every outfit, it doesn’t go for every occasion. For example, it would be recommended for a professional workplace. If you are bold, you should definitely give this color a chance. You will at least have one less thing to worry about when trying to match the colors with black polish.

White If You Want to Stand Out

White is one of the innocent and rare gelixir polish colors. It also goes with most outfits and it also helps you stand out in the crowd. You won’t see many girls wearing this because of how simple it. However, this simple color also has a class of its own.

If you are the type of girl that likes to do something unique and different from the crowd, you should give white color a chance.


While all these tips will help you choose the right color of polish with the outfit, you are free to experiment. Every color and design looks good if you like it. You should keep experimenting and trying different matches and contrast, you might end up finding something new and better.

Make sure you also get the polish of a good company and take professional help to apply it. These two things make a great difference in how you look.