Six Reasons Why a Gel Manicure Should Be an Ideal Choice

In the days gone by, women used vegetable colors to decorate their nails. As time flew by, acrylic paints started replacing the vegetable hues. Gel colors started becoming popular soon after because of the various inherent benefits of using gel polish. As we approached the 21st century, dip powder manicures became the raging trend. However, gel manicures did not lose their relevance. They are equally popular today, with a significant proportion of women preferring gel manicures to others.

With the lockdown situations not showing encouraging signs of being lifted completely, nail salons globally are not functioning regularly. Hence, women have started depending on home manicures for their glamor quotient enhancement. Therefore, you find the OPI gel manicure kit a critical element of every woman’s makeup accessory.

Top Reasons Gel Manicure Should Be An Ideal Choice

Let us see why the gel polish manicure is today’s trend and how a good kit OPI gel can help.

Top Reasons Gel Manicure Should Be an Ideal Choice

Easy to apply

Gel polish is one of the most straightforward manicures to have. It does not require messing around with accessories like dip powder. Maintaining a kit of OPI gel is any day more convenient than a dip powder manicure kit. Applying gel polish is an easy process that does not require much practice. All you need is a steady pair of hands with the ability to paint with your less dominant hand. Alternatively, you can seek mutual help from a friend by painting each other’s nails.

It is an easy process to master. Hence, you find more people resorting to gel manicures than the others during the pandemic lockdown.

Lasts longer than other manicures

A correctly done gel manicure can comfortably last for more than three weeks, much longer than the regular nail polish job. Gel polish hardens perfectly with curing under the UV lamp. Once it hardens, it adheres to the nail surface comfortably and does not easily chip, break, or peel. It does not show signs of lifting and hence is an excellent manicure to have.

The use of the UV lamp, an essential ingredient of your OPI gel manicure kit, is critical for hardening the gel polish top layer. As the layer hardens well, there are no chances of smudges. However, if you do not cure the nail polish properly, it can become messy.

Protects your nails from damage

Some women can have brittle nails that tend to chip easily. The advantage of a gel manicure is that it provides an additional protection layer to the nails and prevents any chipping. Gel polish acts as a natural barrier to protect it against dirt and other pollutants. Your kit OPI gel should contain the necessary items like nail clippers, files, and buffers to take care of chipped nails.

Gel polish dries quickly

Acrylic paint can take a long time to dry. By the time the paint dries up, dirt can stick to it and cause smudges. Dip powder manicures are excellent for drying as the topcoat dries on exposure to air immediately. Gel polish needs curing under the UV lamp for around 30 seconds. Every layer of gel polish requires hardening. Hence, the UV lamp has to be a crucial accessory of the OPI gel manicure kit.

Gel polish allows you to experiment with different colors and designs

The best gel polish kits offer an extensive range of colors to let you experiment with color and design ideas. The exciting feature of gel polish is that it is easy to apply than any other manicure. Creating designs using gel polish is also easy because you have to cure every layer before applying the next one. Therefore, there are no chances of the polish layers sticking to each other. You can have a fantastic time experimenting with bold and bright colors along with metallic hues to bring out the best in you.

Gel polish looks and feels like natural nails

The trick to applying gel polish is to have thin layers of polish. It allows the nail to bend without cracking the polish layer. The additional flexibility of gel polish makes it one of the best manicures to have. Acrylic nails can get rigid as the paint fries off. Hence, they are more prone to breakage and cracking.

Finally, women worldwide prefer gel polish because it does not have any odor. The polish layer does not react with the chemicals present in your food. Hence, it is one of the safest manicures to have.

Final Words

We have discussed the benefits of gel polish and learned how it is better than other comparable nail manicures. One should have their OPI gel kit fully replenished every time they sit for a gel manicure. You can order your OPI gel manicure kit from our website and get the best products delivered to your home.