All You Need to Know about Nugenesis Nail Dip

The NuGenesis dip powder is the solution to all your nail care needs. Dip powder is a creative alternative method to liquid gel and regular acrylic, and that’s why nail professionals worldwide and consumers love it. This NuGenesis nail dip powder uses powder products, organically processed, combined with liquids-rich in Vitamin E and Calcium, to give you strong and healthy nails with a lasting shine.

NuGenesis nail colors is odorless and non-toxic because there are no harmful primers contained in it. Experts in the nail and beauty industry developed by experts serve to create natural dipping powders that are also best quality and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of NuGenesis Nail Dipping Powder

It is flexible and lightweight. NuGenesis dip powder is non-toxic and odorless. Furthermore, It allows for air drying. Maintenance is low, and It contains Vitamin E and Calcium. NuGenesis nail dip is water and chip-resistant, and the process does not involve UV light. It is also environmentally friendly and gives a natural look and feel. Like all dipping powder, it offers long-lasting shine and color. The application process is quick and comfortable.NuGenesis nail dip leaves your nail bed healthy and undamaged and does not contain any primers. Besides, the soak-off process is easy and seamless.

Facts About Nugenesis Nail Dip

NuGenesis Dip powder can last as long as 2-4 weeks on the natural nails, depending on how the nails grow out. If you experience fast nail growth, it is advisable to refresh your dip powder nails after three weeks for proper maintenance of natural nails.

When a beauty or nail technician uses a dipping powder application, you can ask them to file it manually. It is an incredible, comfortable and painless experience.

Application of nail dip powder is similar to that of gel. During the removal process of dipping powder, it is faster and easier to remove.

Nail professionals and consumers have witnessed healthier natural nails after the application of dip powder. After applying NuGenesis dip powder, the results are visible after the first application, and one can easily see it in people who made a complete switch to dip powder.

NuGenesis nail powder is a good alternative for people who may be allergic to some gel and acrylic nail ingredients. Dip powders don’t make use of ingredients in acrylic and gel that often causes allergic reactions.

NuGenesis is committed to providing quality, innovative dipping powder products that are affordable, safe, and classy for nail technicians and customers. The NuGenesis dipping powder formula offers a long-lasting and glossy finish and is also lightweight. It is also lightweight and safe in natural nails. 

How to apply NuGenesis dip color

First, it is essential to prep your nails. Wash your hands well using antibacterial soap. File your nail using a buffer to get rid of dead cuticles from the nail bed. Next is to shape the nails and reduce them to the desired length. Then apply the NuGenesis nail prep liquid bottle to the whole nail surface and leave it to air dry. 

Apply NuGenesis nail base gel bottle to a quarter of the nail surface. Apply it using back to forward motion for even coverage. After this, dip the nail in NuGenesis nail crystal clear dip powder and tap off excesses gently from the nails. You can use a brush to get rid of excess powder. 

Apply NuGenesis nail base gel to the whole naik surface for even coating. Then, dip the nail in dip powder and tap the finger gently to eliminate excesses. Apply another coat of NuGenesis nail base gel and nail activator liquid. Leave to air dry for about 30 seconds. Buff the nails using a good buffer. Then proceed to wash and dry the hands before washing with water only. 

Apply NuGenesis nail activator liquid and air dry for about 15 seconds. Next, apply a light coat of NuGenesis nail finish gel and leave to air dry. 

NuGenesis considers customer satisfaction and happiness a priority. It is recommended for nail technicians always to carry out the following instruction when using nail dip powder. 

Inspect the hands of the client to ensure they don’t have any open cuts or fungus. Ask customers to wash their hands properly and use a sanitary lotion. Clean the nails and apply alcohol so it is cleaner before nail dip powder application. In the process of acrylic nail polish, where a brush is dipped repeatedly into the polymer or polish, nail technicians should use an excellent sanitary procedure. 


NuGenesis nail dip powder is a fantastic product you should try as a nail enthusiast. You can’t be wrong with the glossy finish and long-lasting appearances. The NuGenesis dip nail colors has various shades and combinations.  Get your NuGenesis nail dip now!