Mauve Nail Idea and Polishes You Should Try Out

However, even if you have many nail ideas in your head or polish bottles in your house. Sometimes, traditional designs and polishes may look fancier. At times Mauve nails give you this impression, and it becomes hard to veer away from them. One of the best things about Mauve nails is that they have a tone of shades that you can try out. Whether you are looking for something deep and rich or soft and subtle, Mauve will provide you with all what you need. Furthermore, Mauve provides you with an opportunity to try your best dip powder nails, gel or acrylic whenever you want. Imagine what the prettiest Mauve ideas would look like. Well, we have the list along with the polishes to help you recreate these designs.

Top Mauve Nail Idea

These Classic Mauve Nails

A classic Mauve Manicure is a right thing to try. It makes your nails look extra glossy and creamy giving you a luxurious mien that you have always desired. This design can be best achieved using Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Velvet Velour.

This Marble Mauve Manicure

This is one of the most effortless nail polish you can wear, but it is a little complex for newbies. However, the all-over marble detailing makes the manicure extra exquisite and stunning. You can have the mani in your nearest nail salon, or you can use it to brush your DIY skills. The OPI nail polish Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer in You Sustain Me is the best nail polish for this design.

This Sparkly Mauve Manicure

Do you ever wonder how your mani can look more elegant? If you are wearing a Mauve manicure, a sparkly topcoat should be used to finish up the look. This cute almond-shaped design is the best you can ever have. The LNP My Private Rainbow Holographic Nail Polish Top Coat polish should be used for the design.

Wavy Mauve Manicure

If you combined deep Mauve with light pink, you would come up with this extra cute Wavy Mauve Manicure. First, the look requires you to file your nails into a smooth round shape to make the manicure look more elegant and stunning. The design can be achieved using the Pear Nova Nail Lacquer in Ginzaholic.

These Tonal Mauve Nails

Are you still confused on the Mauve shade that is best for you? Just go for your five most favourite shades to use on this tonal manicure. The colours can be layered in any way because there is no right or wrong way to do it. Deborah Lippmann Bed of Roses Polish Set is the best polish for this design.

This Negative-Space Mauve Manicure

Are you up for a negative space design? Make sure that you have one dark and one light shades of Mauve to recreate this stunning design. The best thing about this design is that it is one of the best designs for short nails. Besides, it leaves you looking more elegant than you can imagine. If you wish to try the design, you should try it using the People of Color Nail Polish in Walk of Fame Polish.

These Gray-Mauve Nails

Perhaps pinkier mauves do not catch your eyes. The Gray Mauve is an excellent option for your design. Topping off the design with gold strokes can also make your design look cuter. The Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Dirty Little Secret can help you achieve this design.

These Mauve and Gold Nails

Glitz is an excellent add on to your polish, and this design gives you just the means to do so. Recreate the design using a clean light purple polish as the manicure’s base and use sparkly gold polish to add some glitz detailing. It can be best achieved using a polish like the Sally Hansen Mega Strength in Wild Card Polish.

This Multi-Colored Mauve Manicure

Mauve nails look best when a handful of polish colours have been used. You can combine berry, grey and yellow mauve colours for this design. If you have a way to convert your dip powder nails to achieve this design, then you can do so. After all, Mauve encourages playing with colours because it is the best way to achieve your artistic climax. For this design, the Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer in Mauve In Manhattan is an excellent candidate polis colour.

Other mauve nail designs that you can try out include the Plum-Mauve Manicure, IG-Worthy Mauve Nails, Round Mauve Nails, Cow-Print, Abstract Mauve Manicure, Water Marble Mauve Nails, Mauve Glitter Nails, Subtle Mauve Nails, Mauve and Tortoise Manicure and Rosy Mauve Manicure.


Mauve nail designs are unlike anything you have ever seen. They provide you with some of the most stunning designs from the world’s best designers. Therefore, they are worth trying in 2021. Just pick the design that interests you the most and try to recreate it. You can have it in your best nail salon ass well for the best results.