Best Selling Tattoo Ink

Top 6 Best Selling Tattoo Ink to Obtain Online 2021

Choosing the correct type of tattoo ink is a tricky affair. The market is filled with an indefinite number of products, but most of them are unsafe and composed of toxic chemicals. If you are looking for tattoo inks with the least chemical ingredients and pigments, you have landed at the right place. Today I’m recommending the best selling tattoo inks for you to use without any fear. Check them out below:

Millennium Mom’s 0.5 Ounce, 7 Colours, Tattoo Ink Set

Amazon best-selling product B0114UJBVI

The vegan ink in all bottles is devised with all organic substances. It is appropriate for defining, outlining, and coloring and has a perfect consistency. With well-mixed pigment, the ink flows very smoothly. Millennium Mom’s is a well-known brand in the field of tattoo inks and offers quality products to its customers. Being in the market for a long time, the brand is well- trusted and is reliable.

If you are allergic to inks in general and looking for a chemical-free solution, this product is something you can’t afford to miss. Providing vibrant colors, the set of 7 bottles would last longer than the other tattoo inks present in the market and exceed your expectations.

StarBrite, 1 oz, Scarlet Red Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B00R8L620G

Being all vegan, this product is made in the USA and trusted widely among its customers. Coming with a strong resistance to discoloration and fading, it is appropriate for tattoo artists who want their tattoos to look more realistic. The color is very bright and becomes more and more enhanced with passing days.

Manufactured by StarBrite, this product is one of the best red ink for tattoos available. The most impressive part is its nickel and iron-free. You can get this ink on any skin type without worrying about allergies post-tattooing as it’s formulated by experts and meets the required standards.

World Famous, 1 Ounce, Vegan-Friendly Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B08GQ8RJZH

First of all, this ink is one of the safest ones you would find. The tattoo industry is poorly regulated, and it’s challenging to find a non-hazardous ink product, but this item stands on the expectations. Offering a fantastic flow, the ink contains less harmful pigments and comes in multiple color choices. It is darker and thicker than most of the inks and has a perfect consistency.

The product is formulated for professional use and is properly sterilized. Coming in a tamper-free, twist-cap bottle, it is super portable. For a long-lasting, safe tattoo experience, this product is a good catch.

Solong, 5 ml, Complete Set Of 54 Tattoo Ink Colours

Amazon best-selling product B01LPNSU7K

This set is everything you need. With a wide collection of 54 colors, this item is suitable for beginner and professional use. Quickly absorbed by the skin, this batch has remained a high-end product for decades. All the inks have the right consistency and flow in the way you want. The colors are thicker than thick and don’t fade away quickly.

Offered by Solong, the ink induces early healing and doesn’t cause irritation or inflammation. Coming in incredible packaging, all pigments are sterilized by gamma rays. This product is worth every penny spent.

STIGMA, 4oz Black Scale Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B07VP4N5YN

STIGMA is a well-known brand today, owing to its broad range of quality tattoo products. The black tattoo ink they offer is best suited for beginners. Made with all-natural and botanical ingredients, the ink comes in 4 shades of black color, namely, medium black, light black, dark black, and true black. All the pigments present in ink are sterilized by gamma rays and do not form layering over your skin.

This product is one of the best black ink for tattoos used by professionals. Being out in the market for many years, it’s a very reliable and trustworthy item.

Bloodline Skin Candy, ½ oz, Tattoo Ink Set Of 7 Colours

Amazon best-selling product B013F6YOZW

This Ink set is an all-rounder! You won’t have to buy any other product for specific works as this one is suitable for all kinds of jobs like lining, shading, and coloring. The color doesn’t fade quickly, and it brings out the true beauty of your art. The seven primary colors offered in this set are sterilized and sealed.

The crisp finish of these inks will sway your mind. The set also comes with 20 free caps. If you are a beginner in the tattoo industry and unwilling to take risks with different types of inks, this product is just the one for you.


Tattooing is an art that requires a great skill set and a lot of patience. Right quality products always bring out the best results and increase the artist’s confidence. I hope my recommended tattoo inks help you in attaining the desired results and strengthen your customer’s trust in you.