Six Reasons Why a Gel Manicure Should Be an Ideal Choice

In the days gone by, women used vegetable colors to decorate their nails. As time flew by, acrylic paints started replacing the vegetable hues. Gel colors started becoming popular soon after because of the various inherent benefits of using gel polish. As we approached the 21st century, dip powder manicures became the raging trend. However, gel manicures did not lose their relevance. They are equally popular today, with a significant proportion of women preferring gel manicures to others.

With the lockdown situations not showing encouraging signs of being lifted completely, nail salons globally are not functioning regularly. Hence, women have started depending on home manicures for their glamor quotient enhancement. Therefore, you find the OPI gel manicure kit a critical element of every woman’s makeup accessory.

Top Reasons Gel Manicure Should Be An Ideal Choice

Let us see why the gel polish manicure is today’s trend and how a good kit OPI gel can help.

Top Reasons Gel Manicure Should Be an Ideal Choice

Easy to apply

Gel polish is one of the most straightforward manicures to have. It does not require messing around with accessories like dip powder. Maintaining a kit of OPI gel is any day more convenient than a dip powder manicure kit. Applying gel polish is an easy process that does not require much practice. All you need is a steady pair of hands with the ability to paint with your less dominant hand. Alternatively, you can seek mutual help from a friend by painting each other’s nails. (more…)

All You Need to Know about Nugenesis Nail Dip

The NuGenesis dip powder is the solution to all your nail care needs. Dip powder is a creative alternative method to liquid gel and regular acrylic, and that’s why nail professionals worldwide and consumers love it. This NuGenesis nail dip powder uses powder products, organically processed, combined with liquids-rich in Vitamin E and Calcium, to give you strong and healthy nails with a lasting shine.

NuGenesis nail colors is odorless and non-toxic because there are no harmful primers contained in it. Experts in the nail and beauty industry developed by experts serve to create natural dipping powders that are also best quality and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of NuGenesis Nail Dipping Powder

It is flexible and lightweight. NuGenesis dip powder is non-toxic and odorless. Furthermore, It allows for air drying. Maintenance is low, and It contains Vitamin E and Calcium. NuGenesis nail dip is water and chip-resistant, and the process does not involve UV light. It is also environmentally friendly and gives a natural look and feel. Like all dipping powder, it offers long-lasting shine and color. The application process is quick and comfortable.NuGenesis nail dip leaves your nail bed healthy and undamaged and does not contain any primers. Besides, the soak-off process is easy and seamless. (more…)

Benefits of Night Time Skin Care Routine – Things You Must Try

Everyone has a busy life schedule in today’s world. No one has enough time to sit free and take care of themselves. Mostly people have a job timing of 9 to 5 which is quite a hectic routine. Where this routine affects the overall fitness and well being of the body, it also exerts extremely negative effects on the health of the skin. Skin becomes rough and dry after being exposed to all the environmental stress. Dirt and grime particles make it lose vibrancy as well as clog the open pores. This might also cause early aging and permanent skin damage. These problems should be highlighted and treated in time. When pinpointed at the spot, a lot of upcoming worries and problems could be avoided.

Benefits of Night Time Skin Care Routine

For all those people who work during the day, night is the best time to take care of their skin and pamper themselves. Having a good night time routine is beneficial in many ways.

Why is it important?

Night is the time when you have nothing to do and you can relax completely. It is a time where you can allow your body cells to relax and come back to their normal balanced state. During night, whatever you apply on the skin gets proper time to be absorbed into the skin and penetrate to the deepest layers. This allows every single ingredient to show all of its effects perfectly and make your skin look fresh and healthy in the morning. A good night skin care routine consisting of products from natural origin is ideal for every skin type and it restores every lost component from the skin.

Recommendations for evening skin care routine

During the evening as you prepare yourself for the night, you can choose the best rosehip oil for face and apply it generously on your skin. This will tone up your skin, make it soft and smooth and ready for the upcoming night routine. Along with that it will also reduce the inflammatory sensation from your skin and fight oxidants. While you perform your daily chores and wind up your work in the evening, you can apply a face oil and let it settle into your skin so when you wash your face in the night, it will be all set and ready. Any other product which is soothing and refreshing can also be used during the evening. (more…)

Mauve Nail Idea and Polishes You Should Try Out

However, even if you have many nail ideas in your head or polish bottles in your house. Sometimes, traditional designs and polishes may look fancier. At times Mauve nails give you this impression, and it becomes hard to veer away from them. One of the best things about Mauve nails is that they have a tone of shades that you can try out. Whether you are looking for something deep and rich or soft and subtle, Mauve will provide you with all what you need. Furthermore, Mauve provides you with an opportunity to try your best dip powder nails, gel or acrylic whenever you want. Imagine what the prettiest Mauve ideas would look like. Well, we have the list along with the polishes to help you recreate these designs.

Top Mauve Nail Idea

These Classic Mauve Nails

A classic Mauve Manicure is a right thing to try. It makes your nails look extra glossy and creamy giving you a luxurious mien that you have always desired. This design can be best achieved using Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Velvet Velour. (more…)